Welcome to The Faction.

If you want to survive, there are three rules:

Limit who you trust.
Always be prepared.
Maintain your identity.

The Faction is a series of novels set in a timeline not too unlike our own, where conspiracies are connected by sinister means. They follow five individuals who use ill-gotten “abilities” to battle against a global terror. From Ground Zero to the Indian Ocean Tsunami, from Hotel Cecil to water fluoridation, the outcasts travel through an altered history as they learn their limits. What are they willing to sacrifice to undo these urban legends?

Please find a quiet, enclosed space for transport, open the first dossier, and learn what you can before the next mission. And be careful; if you’ve chosen to read this far…

They’ve already begun watching you.


1. Personnel [Amazon]
2. Conscription [Available 07.23.19]

3. Refinement [In Progress]

4. Infection [Pending]
5. Alteration [Pending]

6. Revision [Pending]

Redacted Files
Alligator Season [Amazon]
A Little Feverish [Pending]
The Nest [Pending]

Stay informed.