Oh, you found us! Quick, hurry inside. We don’t have much time.

Welcome to The Faction.

If you want to survive, there are three rules:

Limit who you trust.
Always be prepared.
Maintain your identity.

Got it?

We don’t have the luxury of repeating our mistake in Pakistan.

You’ll notice that this world is a little different than what you’re used to. Dates and times aren’t quite right. Historical names and events have changed. The physical properties of this place is even a little off.

Trust me, we’ve noticed.

Someone is manipulating you. They’re letting bad things happen. No, they’re making bad things happen. Things that weren’t supposed to happen.

We saw it when the towers fell on 09/09/2001. We experienced the terrors hidden within Hotel Cecil. We learned, quite intimately, the consequences of their meddling with water fluoridation.

Who’s “they?”

That’s what we intend to find out.

Don’t worry, though; you won’t be alone. We’ve assembled a new investigative team:

A detective who’s surprisingly strong for her size.
A humanitarian with a killer survival instinct.
A huntress of creatures neither human nor animal.
A soldier with much more potential than he realizes.
A data analyst with the safest secret hideout in the world.

You’re going to need our help.

The people we’re fighting, the ones pulling the strings, have eyes everywhere. They know what we’re doing almost as soon as we do. And they aren’t afraid to –

Wait. Did you hear that?

I’m going to go check it out.

In the meantime, find a small, enclosed space to hide, and we’ll send Bogeyman to come get you. While you wait, catch up on our mission reports inside the dossiers below, and follow us online.

And be careful; if you’ve come this far…

They’ve already begun watching you.

Dossier Class Feldgrau 1. Personnel [Amazon]
2. Conscription [09.03.19]
Dossier Class Amber 3. Refinement
Dossier Class Carmine 4. Infection
Dossier Class Fuschia 5. Revision
Redacted Files Alligator Season [Amazon]
A Little Feverish
Private Education
The Nest